Web Design

Web sites are a “must have” for a company if they want to be seen as a legitimate business. Organizations of all types benefit from having a web presence. JAR Consulting has a knack for working with many customers finding themselves in such a position or in need of an update to a mobile friendly site. We specialize in creating web sites that are primarily “information based”. In other words, the sites are designed to create a web presence for the client and is one of the tools in their marketing tool box. JAR also designs logos for clients who do not have a logo or, who are looking for a fresh look.

Designed to fit your needs

Creating fresh new looks to help create a new online experience for your customers.





Putting your company first

JAR works with a variety of small, independently owned businesses. In many cases, the owner would rather “do” than manage the company.


Offering the skills, experience, expertise and patience to make sure the business gets done JAR Consulting can be of assistance in a variety of ways. This can be to ensure invoicing is done efficiently and in timely fashion; managing accounts receivable and payable; scheduling and planning; many of the day to day things many small businesses struggle with.

Many small businesses simply do not have the time to dedicate to this vital aspect of their business as they are too busy “doing”.  Ensuring the business runs smoothly in all aspects is essential to a successful business. 


If this is where your business is, contact JAR Consulting to discuss how we can help.


“The imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions or information by speech, writing or signs”

How your Company communicates speaks volumes. It’s not just what you say but how you say it. Communication takes many forms … your Web Site, brochures, emails, invoices, estimates … yes, just about every action reflects upon you and your business.

JAR Consulting would be pleased to help you create, refine or re-define your communication plan.  Marketing … JAR Consulting can assist with your existing marketing plan. Maybe you don’t have a marketing plan? We can work with you to create, refine or re-define your marketing approach. Through a process, working with you and your team, together, we can develop and implement a plan that will attract more business.


Services We Can Help You With

Computer Maintenance

Routine Maintenance Computers are machines and it just makes sense to routinely do maintenance – other than back-up data. Computers are great dust collectors – dirt, pet hair and other things can actually cause the computer to fail. Whatever your computer needs, JAR is available to assist.

New Computer

Need a new computer? We can provide you with your next computer system and/or assist you in determining what type of “system” is best for you. Need help with your existing computer? Hardware, software or user the problem … it’s never the user, right? Whatever the problem, JAR Consulting has the skills and knowledge to make repairs or upgrades. In many cases, adding memory gives new life to a system and can be a cost-effective solution.

Data Management

Protecting your data? If you have lost data, we can often recover it for you but, regular back-ups of your important data is important and many of us simply don’t do it. There are many great tools and devices now available and we can help. Hard drives have a life-span and if your system is getting old, hard drive failure may not be far off.


Confused with what you presently have?

Looking to expand your network?

JAR is available to assist you with sorting out your present and future needs and help you plan your growth.

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