JAR has helped countless clients connect with the right customers.”

Our Story

In 2003 Jim Baker founded JAR Consulting. We saw there was a need to fill the void of clients unsure of how to convey their messages to an online world. The lid was opened and fresh ideas started pouring out. Like any small business, we have learned to change and to adapt to the times. The core of our offerings have remained the same. Our focus is providing small businesses with the tools they need without over-selling. Businesses continue to change but their online presence is an ever-growing necessity. We help bridge the gap between the client’s online and offline voices. As design continues to evolve our creative team remains current by focusing on boosting our client’s online look to a more contemporary style. Our team has always focused on creating content in a time efficient manner within the client’s budget. We know first-hand how to relate to your needs and use words to convey any message. Trust us to help unlock your JAR.

“We always take the initiative to go above and beyond.”

Jim Baker, Founder

Our Dream Team

When designing our team we wanted to form a creative and collaborative environment. Our team’s size and specialities change and adapt to fit the needs of your company. With businesses adopting the new wave of remote working we have been able to connect with new team members that were not possible before. With our group of talented designers and marketers we always deliver our clients first class service.

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